Comprehensive Dentistry

Comprehensive dentistry means doing whatever you need to achieve your objective. Each patient is unique and as such each treatment plan is unique. It may be that you only need a cleaning and maintenance or one or two simple restorations. Or you may need a more complex restoration to replace missing teeth and restore proper function. You may have your heart set on cosmetic alterations of one or two teeth or an extensive cosmetic makeover. Whatever the need, we can provide a result that you can be proud of.

A comprehensive examination starts with an accurate diagnosis and an appropriate treatment plan. Dr. Pate will gather lots of information about your oral condition. He will ask for your input as to how you characterize your condition and your priorities. He will also ask your opinion on what you would like to change about your teeth and/or smile. When appropriate, radiographs and photographs from all angles are taken and analyzed. In some cases, models of your mouth are taken and mock-ups of an ideal smile or restoration are created. A preventive maintenance plan will be implemented to establish and/or maintain your teeth and gums in a healthy state. When necessary, temporary restorations are placed and adjusted to the same form and function of what the final restorations will be. You can then wear these temporary restorations and be certain that they look and feel the way you want them to look and feel. Adjustments are made if necessary and when the temporaries meet the approval of you and Dr. Pate impressions of the temporaries are made and sent to the dental laboratory to use a guide in fabricating your final restorations. This way, you can see and feel the results before your bright new smile is permanently yours. After delivery, the preventive maintenance plan is continued indefinitely to help keep your new smile healthy and comfortable for years to come.

With the above approach, dramatic changes are made at the first restorative visit. A patient can walk out after one visit with an incredible cosmetic restoration that is then converted to final restorations a few weeks later. With few exceptions, the general rule is from old uncomfortable teeth to healthy and attractive restorations in one striking visit no matter how bad it is in the beginning. Then it can be maintained for a lifetime of happy smiles.