Mini-series on Digitally Enhanced Comprehensive Dentistry

In this mini-series you will learn how to use digital technology in a Comprehensive General Dental Practice with emphasis on top notch attention to detail and patient service. We use digital processes to enhance every aspect of patient management, care, and delivery. We also know when to rely on analog techniques for better outcomes. We are about 90% complete digital workflows but there are times when analog is better, and it is important to know when to go in and out of the digital world. We will start with the new patient exam and proceed on to basic and advanced guided implant planning and surgery, lateral window surgical guides, digital Essex temporaries, and vertical sinus lifts (bumps) with either Blue Sky neurosurgical drills or the Versah guided system.

Hope you can join us for some or all. Reply to me personally with any questions. We will cover much more during these weekends, but these are some of the highlights of what we will cover.

Call Lesley or Jen (Monday through Thursday) at 863-967-1233 to register.

Class size is limited to 10 people; priority given to those signing up for multiple weekends.

Image of diffent teeth with decay

New Patient Exam and Case Presentation 

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Dental Mold of teeth

Basic Surgical Guides in Blue Sky Plan

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Dental Mold of implants

Advanced Surgical

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Different teeth images

ExoCAD for Diagnosis and Design

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