Restorative and Reconstructive Dentistry

General Overview

This has to do with restoring the teeth to health that are missing or broken from trauma or decay. This type of dentistry can take on various forms and disciplines which are briefly described below. We provide all the services listed.

It all starts with a comprehensive examination, an accurate diagnosis and an appropriate treatment plan. See the detailed description under Comprehensive Dentistry.


Metal Free Crowns

The unsightly black lines seen at the necks of porcelain to metal crowns are now a thing of the past. Today’s technology eliminates the metal and the problem.

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Porcelain Inlays and Onlays

When much of the tooth is missing due to breakdown and there is still some good tooth structure, a conservative solution is to have our laboratory make a tooth matching porcelain piece that is then bonded in place to the tooth to make it whole again. With this, much less grinding is required. Less grinding is great news for the patient; but, also for the tooth because of the decreased insult to the nerve of the tooth.

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These are root replacements shaped like screws to which teeth can be attached to restore esthetics and function of lost teeth. By replacing the roots you cause the bone to be preserved thus avoiding the aged look due to sunken facial structures from loosing the support of the teeth and bone. Get Dr. Pate or one of the staff to show you the effects of the loss of teeth, and the resultant bone loss, on the aging process.

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Bridges & Bridgework

These are tooth replacements fabricated by attaching crowns to the teeth adjacent to the missing tooth and “suspending” a tooth across the gap. Generally considered to be 2nd best to an implant, but sometimes, considering all the patient factors, this is the best alternative for replacing missing teeth. As with any procedure there are pros and cons to be considered but this is more desirable to some patients than having implants placed or having a removable replacement.

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Removable Partial Dentures

These are used in some cases of restoration when many teeth are missing and implants are contraindicated for some reason. This procedure is not as ideal as implant dentistry, but will work for some patients. Dr. Pate sometimes does precision fit removable partial dentures that have special clips to hold the removable partial denture in place. This gives a superior fit and does not show the metal wires in the smile that is characteristic of conventional removable partial dentures.

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Full Dentures

Done for a patient that is not a candidate for implants; not the most desirable solution but is useful as a last resort.

Root Canal Therapy

Done as an adjunct to restorative therapy. When a tooth is abscessed or the nerve of the tooth is exposed either by decay or fracture of the tooth, often times the tooth can be maintained in a healthy state by having the nerve of the tooth removed – a process known as root canal therapy.

Dr. Pate does some root canal therapy but this is a procedure that it is sometimes better left to an endodontist (dentist that specializes in root canal therapy). The anatomy of some teeth is such that an endodontist is better equipped to perform this procedure. Dr. Pate will discuss this with you on an individual basis. The endodontist will refer you back to Dr. Pate for continued care.